les professeurs

1. Professeur de chant et d’interprétation - Vocal coach
SEMER Neil New York

Neil Semer teaches voice and gives workshops internationally. His main voice studio is in New York where he works with high level performers in classical, musical theatre and contemporary styles of music. He teaches also in Toronto, London, Paris, Copenhagen and throughout Germany. In July-August 2016 he led the 20th annual Neil Semer Summer Vocal Institutes in Coesfeld and Aub, Germany. His teaching combines principles of Bel Canto, scientific understanding of vocal function and most importantly, emotional connection to music. Focus is on coordination of the heart, mind and body.

His students sing leading roles in the most important opera houses around the world and star in Broadway productions. In July 2004, he was the keynote speaker and master teacher for the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Convention in Sydney.

Masterclasses given around the world include the 5th International Congress of Voice Teachers in Helsinki, the first three Annual International Classical Singer Conventions, the Royal Academy of Music and the Association of English Singers and Speakers in London, Danish Actors Association, two National Conventions of the National Association of German Singing Teachers (Hamburg and Wurzburg), the Leipzig, Hannover and Wurzburg Hochschules, Swiss Voice Teachers Association in Zunch, Australian NATS Chapters in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the Melba Trust, the Queensland and Newcastle Conservatoriums, two Canadian Voice Care Foundation Symposia in Toronto and Banff, NATS National Convention in Seattle, NATS Winter and Summer Workshops in Miami, Princeton, Minneapolis and New York, NATS New England, Mid-Atlantic and Central Regional Conferences, NATS Chapters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Wisconsin, Ortando, Salt Lake City, Michigan and Miami, and innumerable universities.

Faculties have included the Canadian Opera Company, American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS) in Austria, New England and Boston Conservatories, New York University, and Barnard College.

Graduate of Manhattan School of Music.